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North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118
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Students at IHM are challenged to possess a fundamentally sound foundation with the ability to grow. Student-to-teacher ratios are small enough to give every child the attention needed to be successful.



parents web renweb

RenWeb's Parents Web is a private and secure parent's portal that will allow parents to view information specific to their children, while protecting their children's information from others. 


First Time Users

  1. Go to RenWeb Login
  2. District Code Required (IH-AR)
  3. Enter Email Address
  4. Click Create New ParentsWeb Account
  5. Email will be sent to user email address
  6. Click verification link and enter a UserName/Password
  7. Click Save UserName and/or Password
  8. Return to RenWeb Login
  9. Enter District Code, UserName, and Password


parents web

  1. Go to RenWeb Login
  2. Enter District Code, UserName, and Password


If you have any questions or experience problems, please call the school office at 501-851-2760.  A school representative will be in contact with you shortly.